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Bed Bath & Beyond - Series
Jumbo - 2D Reel
3D Jewelry Visualization
personal project
Design, 3D Product Visualization
AdAmp - Revolutionizing Access to TV Advertising
Direction, Design, Animation
Jumbo - Reel
Music: Disciplin A Kitschme - Zaboravili rokenrol!?!
Nickelodeon - NFL Slime Time Reel
Design, Animation
Microsoft - Evergreen Campagne
Microsoft Store
Design, 3D
client: System
Design, Animation
ESPN - MLB The Fall Frenzy
client: ESPN | studio: 2C Creative
Design, Animation
client: UNX | studio: 2C Creative
Design, Animation
Audience Platform
client: Audience Platform
Branding, Design, Animation
Material Bank: Manifesto
client: Material Bank
concepting, design, animation
Omni - Audience Explorer
client: Audience Platform | studio: Zimmerman
Concepting, Design, Animation
Nvidia GTC20 Keynote
client: Nvidia | studio: Totuma
Concepting, Design, Animation
National Geographic | PhRMA - Neurotechnology
client: National Geographic | studio: 2C Creative
3D & 2D Animation
Medio Dia - Y En El Mundo
client: NBC Telemundo
Design, Animation
Northern Trust - FlexShares
client: Northern Trust | studio: Framestore
3D Animation
Telemundo Noticias Digital Rebrand
client: NBC Telemundo
Art Direction, Design, Animation
Home & Health Discovery
client: H&H | studio: Discovery
Concepting, Design, 3D, Animation
Discovery Channel - DESAFIOx2
client: Discovery Channel
Design, Animation, Branding, Motion Graphics, Animation
Discovery Communication Reel
Nickelodeon - World Day Of Play
client: Nick
3D, Design, Animation
HEROJ 1914 :: Main Title Sequence
Client: RTS 1
Design, Animation
Nickelodeon KCS 2014 - Half Court Shot
client: Nick
Design, Animation
The Weather Channel Rebrand
Studio: JUMBO
Art Direction, Design
Pre Magazin
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
Posters / Key Arts
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